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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Dec 25, 2019

Are you starting your freelance journey as a DIY virtual assistant? That's where Rachel Marchant started just one year ago! In this episode you'll hear her journey from starting out, pitching a business owner she knew, investing in Overwhelmed to Overbooked, and now pivoting into the role as a certified online business manager (OBM)!

Rachel is almost a certified OBM but she's also a wife and WAHM to a wild and rambunctious toddler. She squeezes her work into the early mornings and nap time and loves helping her clients take back their love for their business by making sure all the things are running smoothly and efficiently.

Check out the show notes for the more resources on becoming an online business manager and for all of the links and resources mentioned in today's episode. Thanks for hanging out with us today!