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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Dec 23, 2019

Are you trying to land your first client, but just haven't had any luck yet? I get it, it can be frustrating especially if you're going the DIY route. In this episode I am walking you through how to land your first (or next!) client ASAP!

If you needed to land your first client like yesterday, go grab my Get Legit and Quit Kit and then grab a pen and paper and listen to this episode! I cover the quickest way to land a client and how exactly you can do so.

Have you announced that you're open for business? Let everyone know on facebook, tag me, and I'll comment and cheer you on!

My paid program, Overwhelmed to Overbooked, opens up on January 17, 2020! You can join the waitlist here.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. Head over to the show notes for all the links and resources mentioned in this episode. Talk to you soon!