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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Dec 9, 2019

Welcome to our first coaching call episode on the Live Free Podcast! As the Overwhelmed to Overbooked community has grown to over 12,000 women, I wanted to find a way to continue building 1-on-1 relationships with you guys, get to know the business' you've created, and give back. That's why we decided to open up some 1-on-1 coaching calls that will be recorded and shared on the podcast so the rest of us can learn from them too!

Our first coaching call episode is with Genevieve Christianson! Genevieve is looking for advice on how to build her new business while serving the two clients she has now. How much time does she spend on networking versus client work? How does she raise her rates? What should her goals be for 6 months from now?

We start by getting to know Genevieve's business and her current clients and then I give her a plan on how to grow her VA business and manage her time! If you have a new VA business, this episode is perfect for you!

I hope you love these new episodes! I'd love your feedback over on Instagram @Micala.Quinn or within the Live Free Podcast Mastermind fb group. Thanks for spending time with me today. I appreciate you!