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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Sep 16, 2019

"Scaling your business" is such a buzz-worthy phrase right now but what does it really look like to scale a service-based business? Do you NEED passive income and if yes, when should you focus on adding it?

In this episode, I give you 3 things to consider when scaling your business. And when I say "scale" I mean increasing your income without increasing the hours you work!

We cover how to evaluate if you're ready to scale, the pros and cons of creating a course, if you should consider starting an agency, and how to scale your business by offering a premium service.

Thanks for listening! Let me know your thoughts on scaling and if you want to hear more about this topic! Just head over to the Live Free Podcast Mastermind fb group or connect with me on Instagram at Micala.Quinn! Talk to you there!