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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Jul 8, 2019

Does selling make you feel anxious or salesy? Don't worry, if that's you, you aren't alone!

The thing is, every business owner has to sell! I want you to reach your goals and if you aren't asking for the sale, you won't! But it doesn't have to feel salesy, there is a way to sell authentically.

On today's episode I'm chatting with Nikki Rausch, the founder and CEO of “Sales Maven”, an organization dedicated to authentic selling. Nikki has over 25+ years of experience selling to prestigious organizations and today helps entrepreneurs and small business owners sell successfully and authentically, without being pushy or “salesy.”

Make sure you have pen and paper for this episode because it is FULL of tips you'll want to write down. We cover how to nail the proposal phase, what to say if you don't want to work with a potential client, and when to follow up (or not follow up!) with a potential client.

You can grab Nikki's ebook about closing a sale HERE. Check out the show notes for all the other links and resources mentioned on today's show. Thanks for spending time with me today - I so appreciate it! If you enjoyed this episode, consider writing a review within Apple Podcasts. Talk to you soon!