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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Apr 12, 2021

It's too often that I hear from you that your employer isn't being fair because of your pregnancy, your need to breastfeed, or pick your kids up from daycare when they're sick! For that reason we brought attorney Emily Kearney on the show to discuss the laws that protect us while pregnant and postpartum and what to do if you run into any problems in the workplace.

Emily is a business law attorney and she covers both federal laws and those in the state the she practices (California) plus what you can expect from your state when it comes to your rights.

Thanks for listening today! If you have further questions, head over to the show notes or Emily's website (! Also, come connect with other moms starting a freelance business so they can live and mother on their own terms over in the Live Free Podcast Mastermind fb group! Talk to you there.