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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Dec 14, 2020

Do you need to fix your marketing or your offer or your systems or something else? It's easy to get stuck thinking everything needs to be fixed in our businesses in order for them to be more profitable. If you've had this problem, you're in luck because on today's episode I'm chatting with Mike Michalowicz on how to determine what to fix next in your business!

Mike is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies and is the author of Profit First, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan, and his newest book, Fix This Next. In this episode, we chat about everything from how he took the leap into entrepreneurship, to why business health matters more than business wealth, to how to ensure your business is profitable.

Head over to the show notes for the links and resources mentioned (there's a lot of them!) Thanks for listening today and come hang out with me over on Instagram @Micala.Quinn!