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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Nov 16, 2020

Are you planning to quit your full time job in the near future? When you're growing your freelance business and working to replace your full time income, you can reach a point where you run out of time in your day to do both your full time job and your freelance business on the side.

In this episode, I am sharing 3 things to do before you quit your full time job, how to know when it's time, and how to set your financials up so you can make the transition a smooth one!

This episode comes from watching women in OTO smoothly transition from full time job to freelance, things I've personally learned from my own journey and what I would do if I was doing it all over again.

Whether you need to make an extra $1k, $3k, or $5k+ a month to replace your income, tune into this episode for the 3 things to do before you quit your full time job!

Thanks for hanging out with me today. Head over to the show notes for the links and resources mentioned and let's chat over on Instagram @Micala.Quinn!