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The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Jul 27, 2020

Course creators are looking for a lot of help with their online courses and that's exactly what Courtney Ibinger does! In this success story episode, Courtney shares how she took her instruction design degree and turned it into a profitable freelance business.

One thing Courtney shares is that you DON'T need a degree to help course creators with their online courses. Tune into this episode to hear how Courtney has built her business over the last year and a half plus what services course creators are looking for.

Are you ready to pivot your business into a service you love? The first step is to start (if you haven't already!) Then head over to the Live Free Podcast Mastermind fb group and share where you want to take your business long term! I can't wait to chat with you over there. Thanks for listening!

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